It is the month of fasting,fasting have make my day more better,i feel more healthier and calm.i have not update for a while now im coming back.wish all the follower of my the best and bless.may all our dream soon become true.

Long Way To Go


I have been try for all this while to become the better person that i can be,for all the mess that have been made now is the time for me to appreciate everything that i have.this is a bless in the disguise.never underestimate the clamity.always be for the things that u don’t have then u will start becoming the best.



Living in the world my very own has it’s advantage and disadvantage,the advantage is u can see and hear what people can’t see,u can think and thought what people can’t thought.u can create something truly amazing by your extraordinary imagination.the disadvantage is u can’t  separate between true and false.luckily i have spend my early hood in arts and technology.someone say if life give u a lemon u got to start making lemonade.

Quit Smoking

tomorrow is the day date to quit smoking,recently i have always though about my health in the future.the cigarettes make my life worse not better.i didn’t quit because of money.i quit because of my mental health.i have a schizophrenia and cigarettes just make it worse.the sign are start to its the time to quit.goodbye cigarettes hope won’t see u again.tomorrow is the date.bye-bye smoker.

No Enemy Inside,Enemy Outside Can’t Do Us No Harm

is it true that no enemy inside and enemy outside can’t do us no harm?yes it is..its so true experience prove it..its so hard to accept when u been betray by someone whose closest to you.its a extraordinary pain.but never give always look up,if u can look up u can get up..look at the sun..its still shining..after a rain and storm the rainbow is coming.there are always there..keep moving..keep pushing..soon its gonna be your day..because there are always sun at the end of the night…